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Investors should avoid transport infrastructure amid euro-zone 'dip' fears

Transport infrastructure: Structure your journey

March/April 2017 (Magazine)By

Investors like the long-term income of infrastructure, but the journey can vary depending on the type of asset, writes Rachel Fixsen 

Transport infrastructure: Making the connection

March/April 2017 (Magazine)

Ground freight, transportation, highways and roads represent 25% of the global listed infrastructure market. Fraser Hughes reports

Infrastructure: Top 10 manager profiles

January/February 2017 (Magazine)By Christopher O'Dea, Florence Chong

The 10 largest infrastructure managers vary in size, history and approach. Christopher O’Dea and Florence Chong report

can trump make infrastructure great again

US Infrastructure: Can Trump make infrastructure great again?

January/February 2017 (Magazine)By Christopher O'Dea

‘Nobody can build better’, said Trump during the election. Investors will be hoping he can live up to his rhetoric, writes Christopher O’Dea

australias future fund and qic paid aud9bn for a 50 year lease of the port of melbourne

Australia Infrastructure: Deep domestic pockets

January/February 2017 (Magazine)By Florence Chong

Superannuation funds are under pressure to invest in domestic infrastructure, writes Florence Chong 

UK Infrastructure: Still suffering from a PFI hangover

January/February 2017 (Magazine)

Declan O’Brien asks whether a new raft of public-private partnerships can shake off the reputation risk associated with the old PFI regime

Infrastructure Energy: Finding the right source

November/December 2016 (Magazine)By Maha Khan Phillips

Energy infrastructure can be an attractive investment proposition. But some opportunities are better than others, writes Maha Khan Phillips

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Top 5 infrastructure managers